To give you a better idea of what it's like to work with, me I've outlined a general overview of the process

Intake & Intent

Before we meet, I will have you fill out what I call an "Intake & Intent" form. Here you will tell me a little bit about yourself and what your goals & intentions are with working with me


Sometime people have multiple areas they want to work on, or one specific thing that requires addressing varying aspects of a client's life. We will review what it is you want to address and prioritize them so we can address each in an efficient, organized and impactful way


We will meet either weekly or bi-weekly for 45 minutes each. These sessions will look different depending on the needs and preferences of the client. Sessions will mostly consist of me asking questions, providing education and allowing the client to share what is on their mind or what they feel is important in their health & wellness journey

The Work

At the end of each session, we will come up with exercises or practices to work on between sessions. Again, this will vary depending on client needs & preferences. "The Work" is the most important part of coaching and requires that the client be an active participant in improving their health & wellness. I fully understand that clients are all unique and the same practices won't work for everyone. I will meet you where you are and make sure that "the work" is achievable and sustainable for YOU

Mapping Progress

Along the way we will map your progress. We will routinely revisit what we've prioritized and the things you want to see improvement in and rank each so we can monitor improvements and shifts in your priorities


As I've mentioned, each client is unique in their needs, preferences, and where they are in their health & wellness journey. How long we work together is entirely up to the client. There is no minimum, maximum, or recommended timeline for working with me. Health & wellness is a lifelong practice and shouldn't end when you decide to conclude coaching. Ideally, our sessions will provide you with the tools needed for continued growth & healing well after we are done working together. When you feel you are ready to continue without me, we can end our sessions with the option to pick back up if you ever feel inclined