My mission as a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach is to help people go from survival mode to “thrival” mode by healing mind, body & soul. So many people feel anxious, depressed, stressed, frustrated, reactive, badly about themselves, and/or unhealthy; some are even aware of what they want and need despite their inability to make meaningful or lasting change. This will inevitably leave you feeling stuck in the same cycles. My goal is to guide you through making the changes necessary to thrive both mentally & physically, to enter into a state of ease, flow, love & abundance, and to reconnect you to your intuition & authentic Self.

I’ve been on my own health, wellness & healing journey for the last ~3 years but I’ve always known deep down that I’ve wanted to help people feel better. Not better in a light way but better in a deep and profound way. Until recently, I’ve struggled to put this desire into words or action. I’ve fumbled around quite a bit to get here but I believe that was all necessary to get to this point of clarity.

My very first memories of wanting to help people in a health capacity are from high school, interning with a registered dietician and giving the occasional nutrition presentation. I studied nutrition on a collegiate level for 4 years, graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in nutrition and briefly worked in the industry after graduation. Ultimately, I left the field in 2015.

Five years later, I started to re-engage in the health & wellness space on a personal level. Something in me craved more, even though I wasn't sure what that meant at the time. I started to play around with different healing practices & modalities. Over the last 2.5 years I've made tremendous leaps not just in the healing of my own mind, body & soul but in my understanding of how I can help others to heal their mind, body & soul as well.

I launched a nutrition blog and focused my diet on whole food plant-based eating, I created and shared recipes, I became certified in Human Design and started taking clients and doing one-on-one sessions, but it wasn't until I studied the work of Dr. Nicole LePera, that everything started to click & fall into place. I gained not only the confidence needed to practice what I've learned, but I also gained clarity in the HOW. I've longed to help people for as long as I can remember, so I'm beyond excited to put my years of research, experience and self-practice to work helping others experience the deep, transformational healing that I've created for myself and feel so passionately about.

The coaching I offer is based on 3 pillars:


  1. Conscious Awareness & Nervous System Regulation

  2. Intuitive Nutrition Counseling

  3. Reconnecting to your intuition & authentic self through Human Design

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Be well ❤

If you answer "yes" to the following two questions, you may benefit from working with me & I would love to work with you!
  1.  Are you ready to be an active participant in improving your health & wellness?
  2.  Do you relate to any one or more of the following:
  • feeling stuck, like things aren't happening or moving forward
  • feeling chronically tired, fatigued, stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, run-down, or generally unhealthy
  • feeling anxious and/or depressed
  • unable to create new habits
  • like there has to be more to life
  • having a difficult relationship with food
  • having difficult relationships (romantic, family, friends, etc.) that cause chronic stress or upset

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