Sure, a life of ease, abundance, harmony & success sounds great! Isn't that what everyone strives for? Achieving it is actually not as hard as we believe it to be.  Although HD can seem esoteric, confusing and vague at surface level, when you start to learn about your own design you'll realize just how straightforward and tangible HD really is.

Human Design is a combination of many practices including astrology, chakras, Kabbalah & quantum physics - but you don't need to understand astrophysics or be a yogi to experience the benefits of HD. Human Design is all about self-awareness and experimenting with the teachings to reconnect with your authentic Self.

So, take a look at some of the things you will discover when learning your design.

The very first thing to learn in HD (Human Design) is your energy type. Your energy type tells you how you're meant to operate, or use & exchange your energy. When you master your energy type, you will effortlessly welcome in ease & success. A very brief description of each energy type is below.


The movement starters who are energetic leaders when they're doing what they want, when they want to be doing it. They are here to tune out the direction of others and to follow their urges, being unapologetically themselves - that is when life will begin to really flow


They are here to lift people up by doing what they love. By making more time for the things you truly love doing, you create good energy that both you and others can tap into. Listening to the physical pull of your desires will lead you in the right direction

Manifesting Generator

MGs have the biggest energy tanks and are here to follow, but also balance, their desires and urges. They will master many things in this life and can show the rest of the world that the best path is sometimes the most unconventional


They are here to guide, tweak & make efficiencies due to their ability to see things with great clarity in a way that others can't. Success will follow when you approach life knowing that your magic is not in what you do, but in what you see


The rarest energy type (1% of the population), they are here to fill their life with whatever makes them feel good, as they feel and experience very deeply. Through their ability to take in and understand others, they are mirrors for the rest of the world

The next most important thing to learn is your authority. Your authority teaches you the best way for you to make decisions and how to use your intuition. We as a society tend to over-intellectualize our decisions, ignoring our own unique intuitive gifts. The different authorities are:








Some other helpful things Human Design can teach that are unique to you:


how to make things happen

Not Self Theme

a feeling that will arise when not living your design


how you know you're on the right path


how you come across to yourself and the rest of the world


the best environment or conditions for you to eat in

Eating For Your Energy Type

foods and eating patterns that are best for your energy type

Strongest Sense

which of the 6 senses is your magic sense

Life Theme

your purpose in this life/what you came to accomplish

Gates & Channels

your special gifts & talents


understanding how you feel things & process emotions

Energy Levels

understanding and accepting your energy levels

And so much more!

There is endless information you can gain from your Human Design and it's my goal to get you to a place of full understanding, compassion & acceptance. 

Awareness is the first step, implementation follows - let me help you with both!

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