I lead coaching sessions intuitively based on where the client is in his/her healing journey, what his/her goals are, and what the client has going on in their life at the time. There is no standardized approach to healing as everyone is unique and has different needs. While every client experience will be different, there are 3 fundamental pillars with which my coaching approach is built upon:

  1.  Conscious Awareness & Nervous System Regulation

  2. Intuitive Nutrition Counseling

  3. Reconnecting to your intuition & authentic self through Human Design

Conscious Awareness & Nervous System Regulation

I immersed myself in the concept of conscious awareness and nervous system regulation after discovering Dr. Nicole LePera, who does an excellent job of illustrating the mind body connection, the impact that our life experiences have on our daily lives, the importance of self-awareness and consciousness, the physical & mental impacts of nervous system dysregulation, how to regulate your nervous system, and how to develop emotional resilience.

Roughly 95% of our day is spent using our subconscious mind, or "auto-pilot", meaning we don't actually think about 95% of what we do and say each day. In order to truly develop our health & wellness, we must start to witness and understand our subconscious thoughts, reactions, actions, and inner dialogue. 

There are many practices or exercises that can aid in this awakening and together, we can choose which to experiment with based on your needs and preferences.

Intuitive Nutrition Counseling


The world today is saturated with dieting, nutrition & food related information. One professional is telling you not to eat meat and another is telling you meat is the only way to lose weight. Not only that, but diet culture in general has skewed people's outlook on what a "healthy" diet looks like, plaguing the developing minds of young people who then go on to struggle with food & body image for the rest of their lives.

In reality, every person is unique and has different requirements, preferences, socioeconomic statuses, intolerances, and needs. Some topics I cover when working on intuitive nutrition include nutrition education through the lens of "food as medicine", gut health, resolving harmful thoughts and practices due to diet culture, reconnection to hunger & satiety levels, body movement, and even basic cooking skills.

Human Design

We are all born with our own intuition and Human Design provides a "roadmap" to reconnecting to that intuition and living life as your true authentic Self. To learn more about what Human Design is, check out the page "What is HD?"

While working with me, I will provide you with an overview of your design and reference it throughout our time together. As we work through different areas of your life, I do so with your design in mind, making sure that our work together is in alignment with who you came here to be.