Resurfacing Suppressed Preferences

There are two different types of guilt: guilt for feeling responsible for a perceived offense and guilt for certain parts of who we are. Neither type of guilt will serve you, but Human Design very specifically addresses the guilt you may feel about who you are and how you want to do things. Reading this, you may not even identify with feelings of guilt, or you may not even be aware of the subconscious preferences you have. For most people, Human Design shines a light on their natural preferences, inducing a sense of relief and validation, knowing that it's okay to embrace the sides they've been quieting.

Are there areas in your life where you wish you could be doing life differently? Are you forcing yourself to do things a certain way because you think it's the right way? Maybe you really want to put yourself out there and show your true colors but you make yourself small to fit in with others. Or maybe you feel lazy because most of the time you'd rather be relaxing than doing. If you're a manifesting generator, you might beat yourself up over unfinished projects or endeavors when in reality, that's how you're meant to operate. So many of the things we feel like are bad about us are the very things we should be embracing and using to our advantage. I grew up as the only non-energy being in a family of five, so when I realized my desire for ease over effort was not only normal but advantageous for me, the guilt I felt around not wanting to "do" all the time ceased to exist. Instead, I learned to embrace my preference to rest, release negative feelings about it, and use it to my advantage.

One question I get a lot is "are there are any bad designs?" The answer is no, there is not a single bad chart property in Human Design. Each and every one comes with a strength and is there to help you achieve your dreams. There are no "boring" or "crazy" designs and HD doesn't tell you if you're fun or not. It simply tells you the best way for you to operate so things start to feel in sync. Being a doer is not better than being a seer, it just means the doers will live their best life through the act of doing and seers will live their best life through the act of seeing.

People can fall within a number of categories regarding the acceptance of their preferences. They are:

  1. Those who are aware of their preferences but suppress them because they don't think they're helpful and often view their preferences as negative

  2. Those who are unaware of their preferences and have completely shut them down, believing that the way they've been taught to do things by external influence is not only the right way, but their preferred way

  3. Those who are unaware of their preferences and believe they are doing things the right way but are still in touch with them subconsciously and can identify with them when prompted

  4. Those who are aware of their preferences and embrace them, with or without guilt

No matter what category you may fall in, it's called the Human Design Experiment, you're meant to play with it and see how it works for you. Give discovering & adopting your preferences a try and see what unfolds, what it attracts for you. Suppressing your preferences will lead you away from ease & flow. When you live not according to your design, the effort you put in will yield incomparable results. Meaning, you can put as much time, effort & energy into something as you are capable of but you will not get the desired result if you are doing so with unaligned action. You're not selfish, you're not lazy, you're not repulsive - you're just you and learning about who you are can be freeing and validating. Learning about how to leverage your preferences starts with Human Design - when you really can understand and release feelings of guilt around them, struggle and resistance will melt away allowing for ease and flow to swoop in.

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