At the time of this writing, I have been on a health, wellness & healing journey for about 3 years. I had always been a physically healthy kid who was sensitive and moderately anxious, which in today's world is pretty "normal". I was then diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease in 2013 which caused crazy fatigue and other sporadic mystery symptoms. Around 2018, with some diet & lifestyle tweaks, my Lyme improved slightly with some resolution in my fatigue. Towards the end of 2019 I started to realize that I wasn't living life as my true authentic self. I felt disconnected and a little lost, I was able to sense that my anxieties & life experiences were dictating my thoughts, actions & decisions. Before I get into that, let me rewind all the way back to 2008...

Around my junior year of high school, it was time for me to start thinking about what was next for me. My mom was a Registered Dietician and I had always had an interest in health & nutrition. I interned for an RD in high school, gave a couple presentations to young campers and ultimately, I followed my mom's footsteps and ended up getting my degree in Nutrition from Syracuse University in 2013. After graduating, I worked 2 jobs in the nutrition field - one in a school district and the other for a prestigious hospital system. I was exposed to nutrition primarily through the lens of conventional medicine and government agencies, which left me feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. I ultimately left the profession in 2015 for an administrative role at an Emergency Medicine Practice.

In all honesty, I struggled in my relationship with food & body image - which is not uncommon for those who choose nutrition related career paths as I did. Since the age of 14 I was prone to restrictive eating, bingeing when I couldn't handle the restriction anymore, and countless promises of being "better" tomorrow, next week, etc. By the end of 2019, I was craving a healthier lifestyle - both physically & mentally - and I knew I wouldn't get there by staying stuck in the same cyclical patterns I was in. I started noticing my inner dialogue, paying closer attention to my choices & habits regarding food, and I researched and experimented with different approaches to health through food.

In January 2020, my mom's health took a turn with a sudden medical event related to her Multiple Sclerosis that left me sad, worried, anxious, and more health conscious than ever before. My focus became more emphasized on food as medicine, particularly surrounding autoimmune disease, and I experimented with whole-food plant based nutrition. Despite my focus on health & food, I found myself in a bad place mentally, with a lot of old emotional wounds surfacing. I found a therapist and developed a great relationship with her, one that we still have to this day, which was pivotal in my healing. Later in 2020, I discovered Human Design and couldn't get enough of it after I experienced great relief and eased tension as I started to learn and practice my own design.

By 2021, I was certified in Human Design and had developed an entirely new outlook on what it meant to live authentically. Despite my own profound healing, I still struggled with how to use my knowledge to help others. Then I discovered the work of Dr. Nicole LePera (@the.holistic.psychologist). As soon as I picked up her book, "How To Do The Work", all the missing pieces began falling into place. Things I had intuitively been practicing myself (outside of Human Design & Nutrition), was organized and presented in an easy-to-understand way. I learned about nervous system regulation and the importance of the mind-body connection. It's not just about eating well and reconnecting to your authentic self, in order to truly heal you must first become self-aware, address your inner dialogue, and regulate your nervous system's automatic responses.

From a young age I've wanted to help people and have always felt a pull towards helping others in a health and wellness capacity. Over the last 3 years, as I started to experiment, learn & heal deeply, my desire to help others grew immensely. Not really sure how I wanted to approach this desire to help others, and in the age of technology, I first turned to social media... more than once, and with different information to share each time. I still have an online presence, but my focus has since shifted to the development of my coaching and I so look forward to what the future holds.